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See why Memorial Nursery is the perfect school for your child!

What is a Co-op nursery?

Enrolling your child in a cooperative preschool gives you an opportunity to take both an active role in the classroom and assist in the operation of the preschool.  Our tuition remains very affordable and the students benefit from the combination of skilled staff and the talent and energy of the parents.  Responsibilities as a co-op parent include working in the classroom once every 3-4 weeks; providing a healthy snack and drink when asked to be "snack parent", volunteering for two housekeeping duties per year; and assisting in the annual fundraiser.  Parents are also encouraged to serve on the Board of Directors and various committees.

Parents and teachers work together.

As a cooperative nursery, Memorial offers the benefit of a highly qualified team of teacher and aide combined with the diverse talents, interests and knowledge of member parents.  Working together, the teachers and parents strive to meet each child's individual needs: guiding in new discoveries...encouraging success...understanding challenges...and helping them see themselves as important, contributing members of the group.  By discovering acceptance and love outside the family, your child grows to accept, appreciate and care for others.

Each day, the children are instructed by one certified preschool teacher, one preschool teacher's aide, and two volunteer parents.  The qualifications of our teaching staff surpass those required by the State of Michigan.  Classes maintain a strict 1:4 adult/child ratio.

Finally, all our working classroom parents and volunteers undergo State of Michigan Department of Human Services Central Registry clearance.

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Mrs. Machuga & Mrs. Maniaci and groupies

Mrs. Machuga
has been teaching pre-school for 34+ years. She received her BA in Early Childhood Education from University of Detroit and completed graduate work at the University of Detroit and Marygrove in early childhood development. She started her career teaching at a cooperative nursery for 6 years, taught in the Roseville School District for 7 years – and is very excited to be involved, once again, with both the children and parents in cooperative nursery.  She has been directing the program at Memorial Nursery for the last 19 years.

Mrs. Maniaci has been a teacher's aide at Memorial Nursery for over 18 years, and has been an active parent volunteer for ten years in Grosse Pointe Public Schools.

"Memorial preschool makes learning fun for kids.  Each day is full of music, art and physical play that well prepares them for kindergarten."

Mother of 2
MNI Alumni